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Domoboard is a dashboard for Domoticz based on Python Flask.

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Refer to the issue of the github tracker when possible.

This subforum is meant to discuss issues and/or feature requests, or anything else related to Domoboard.
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Re: Domoboard - General Discussions

Post by squandor » Saturday 24 February 2018 15:00

schorrie wrote:
Wednesday 14 February 2018 23:06
Ok, i am a newbie here at domoticz and have a question about domoboard

After installation of the domoboard, is it still possible to access domoticz in the normal way,

i'm asking this because i would like to use domoboard only on my tablet that will be fixed against the wall,
on my phone i would like to keep the normal domoticz site
Sorry for the late reply my life is a little bit changed at the moment with the birth of my daughter so my time is limited at the moment :)
but yes, you can still access domoticz in the normal way. you only have problems if you set the port in de config for domoboard at the same port as domoticz.

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