Python Plugin Framework: UDP/IP Discovery Added

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Python Plugin Framework: UDP/IP Discovery Added

Post by Dnpwwo » Saturday 12 August 2017 9:52

UDP/IP listening has been added to the framework to allow plugins find and configure remote hardware instances on the network during start up.

A sample showing how to capture and log Dynamic Device Discovery messages has been added to the examples on Github here: ...

Tested successfully on Linux. Works on Windows for messages generated on the machine where Domoticz is running, Windows 10 appears to filter broadcast UDP from network devices even if a firewall rule exists permitting (anyone who knows how to stop that please post here).

Useful IP Address and Port combinations that can be set via the Hardware page:
  • Device Discovery (DDD) (default, shows Global Cache, Denon Amps and more)
  • -Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP), (shows Windows, Kodi, Denon, Chromebooks, Gateways, ...)
listening is as easy as:

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self.BeaconConn = Domoticz.Connection(Name="Beacon", Transport="UDP/IP", Address=Parameters["Address"], Port=str(Parameters["Port"]))
messages are returned to the plugin via the 'onMessage' call back.

Available in next beta or now if building from source.
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Re: Python Plugin Framework: UDP/IP Discovery Added

Post by Boredcat » Monday 18 September 2017 19:43

This could be this issue : ... -10-a.html

Look at option 2. Sharing.
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