Python Plugin: Roku and TiVo

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Python Plugin: Roku and TiVo

Post by wyndomo » Tuesday 16 May 2017 18:27

Hey guys I hacked together two plugins one which remotely controls Roku and one which remotely controls TiVo. Both plugins use HTTP so as long as your TiVos and Rokus are on your LAN they should work just fine. The repos for them are here and here

I threw them together pretty quick so they might be a bit buggy but they should get you most oft he way there.
By making the HW Type have Kodi in the name I was able to use the HTML Kodi remote in the Domoticz UI to act as the remotes for Roku and TiVo. I hope somewhere down the road we can have a generic media player remote control and I won't need to use this hack. I also think the generic media player remote should have a few more extra buttons for record, channel number entry, etc.

Also I wish Domoticz supported textual input for a device as that could really help with searching on Roku or TiVo. If anyone knows of a good way around this limitation let me know.

I think next steps for me are to create Domoticz devices for each Roku app installed on the Roku to allow easier control of them. I would also like to create a nice way to record a channel via TiVo.

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Re: Python Plugin: Roku and TiVo

Post by Bluelightcrew » Thursday 21 September 2017 10:23

I try the plugin but I got an error message.
2017-09-21 09:55:25.154 Error: PluginList: Parsing '/home/pi/domoticz/plugins/Roku/', 'Error document empty.' at line 0 column 0 in XML ''.

You have any idea what's the problem is?

Calzor Suzay
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Re: Python Plugin: Roku and TiVo

Post by Calzor Suzay » Tuesday 03 October 2017 14:49

What does the Tivo plugin allow you to do?
Control it via Domoticz as in pick channel etc?

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