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Geo Coordinates

Post by bluepi » Tuesday 14 November 2017 20:38

Hello all,

After a bit of help..

I have been playing with pyicloud after being impressed with the geofencing in Home Assistant.

So I have cobbled together (borrowed huge amounts of other code) a python script that logs my coordinates every 5 mins and turns on a couple of switchs if my phone is in one of two geofences (Home and Work).. This is all working with 2 factor.

this is running per person in the house hold but I am stuck on a couple of sections..

I turn on a switch (home and work) - this works fine

I am dumping all the other data I get back from icloud into a text sensor. This is not the best way to deal with this.. Where else can I stick this data so I get a nice format of long Lat that I can then take into node red and plot on a map. I also want to log this data so I can use it for other functions (predictive coming home etc)

How can I map each persons location on the same map (going to look at the sample from Owntracks and follow this)

Soon as I have cleaned the code up and got these last two bits done I plan on releasing this mess of a code in the hope that someone can write a nicer version for Domoticz for me to use :-)

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