Domoticz-api: simple PHP wrapper for Domoticz API

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Domoticz-api: simple PHP wrapper for Domoticz API

Post by sineverba » Sunday 13 May 2018 10:28

Hi to all,
I would introduce you "Domoticz-api".

This is a simple PHP wrapper library, available via composer, that enable to send "simple" instructions to your Domoticz server via API.

I think that abstraction is very high, with very simple command you can fetch info from Domoticz and send command.

For the moment, at 1.0.0, you can poweron / poweroff a device, talk with your user variables and fetch every device, by Name or by idx.

This is the github repository. Feel free to clone, fork, destroy :D but, overall, feel free to add and pull your improvement.

I'm using currently my own library for another project, so I can confirm that is stable.

Have a nice day!

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