Domoticz Switch Scripts on Synology NAS

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Domoticz Switch Scripts on Synology NAS

Post by sghazagh » Monday 18 June 2018 1:17

Hi all,
I have started to move my Pi Domoticz to my Synology NAS Domoticz and all are good except I get error when I run switch scripts.
I have specified the full path and it has a "+X" permission to run.
But I get the permission error something like error 62...

The scripts to run has chowned by "domoticz:root" user/group and as I said it has "chmod +x". I actually can run it from script folder when I login as domoticz user in ssh, but Domoticz cannot run it as it says:

Code: Select all

2018-06-20 18:24:52.251 Error: Error executing script command (/usr/local/domoticz/var/scripts/ returned: 256
Any idea what user should I use or why the Domoticz cannot run the switch scripts?

P.S: I have used full path like: "script:///usr/local/domoticz/var/scripts/" in switch script fileds.

Any help would be appreciated,

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