If is all time true

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If is all time true

Post by warcz » Sunday 01 July 2018 22:03


I have problem. When i create:

vypinac = 0;
if vypinac == 1000 then "Nikdy se nestane";

I created "IF" that is not true, but the program always processes it. What is wrong ?

Thank You
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Re: If is all time true

Post by Nautilus » Friday 20 July 2018 8:22

Hi, unfortunately nested ifs do not work in blockly (at least the last I checked). Also all "else if"'s are executed even if previous ones are "true" which means you need to be very careful when setting the conditions. Finally, in cases where you only have one "If...do" (no else if), you shouldn't use the block with the small blue gear icon.

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