Bypass do-not-disturb mode in Android

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Bypass do-not-disturb mode in Android

Post by mcwieger » Friday 13 April 2018 9:37

I've created an alarm system in Domoticz using several sensors and a siren/lights that switch on when triggered. A notification to my phone is also triggered.

This is where I'd like to hear your experiences: my phone is in Do Not Disturb mode at night, to avoid being woken up by people that feel the urge to send messages at night. However, if my alarm goes off, I obviously would like it to bypass the Do Not Disturb mode.

Android has several options to bypass the Do Not Disturb mode, but none of them appears to meet my requirements:
- Allow messages from contacts: I can add myself as a contact, but then a message from any contact will wake me
- Allow messages from favorites: ditto, although people are favorites for a reason, it doesn't mean they should wake me up at night
- Message service Pushover claims that a high-priority message will bypass Do Not Disturb mode, but this is not the case, unless I have Pushover running, which is not preferred (as it's easily forgotten, when killing all tasks). Plus it does not play a sound, only vibrate

I'm aware this is more an Android topic than a Domoticz topic, but I'm sure I'm not the only Domoticz user facing this issue. Anyone who solved this?
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