Heating switch harmonogram

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Heating switch harmonogram

Post by michass » Monday 09 April 2018 10:12

This is my first post
I Have EQ-3 MAX! Cube and one radiator thermostat at the moment.
I use PHP script to control this system.
I have harmonogram to control temperature switching.
2018-04-09 09_38_52-Domoticz.png
2018-04-09 09_38_52-Domoticz.png (19.68 KiB) Viewed 565 times
But Comfort temp start erlier than it should.
It's happened, when i want to switch from lower to higher temp and not each time.
Is there some extra hidden algoritm to start sooner for rise temp, that should be target temp reached on time?
Or maybe I have some typo bug in time field?
Thanks in advance.
Synology NAS
Heating: eq-3 MAX!
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