Temperature event doesn't work

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Temperature event doesn't work

Post by Blacksus » Friday 30 March 2018 16:51

Hey everyone,

I have a dummy that is set up as Temp+Hum and a dummy switch that can turn on my AC. I have it set up like this in Blocky:

However, it doesnt work.
When I change the if part with "time= XY:XY" and the time hits, the AC does turn on, but doesn't turn off after a minute.

So there are two things not working here:
In the IF part, even it the temperature is above 20 degrees, the event does not trigger.
And even if it would trigger, it does not turn the switch back off after a minute.

How would I have to build this?

Appreciate any help!

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Re: Temperature event doesn't work

Post by mrf68 » Monday 02 April 2018 15:39


as mentioned in different topics, blockly doesn't act based on just a temperature sensor. You need to add for example a time statement. I've made a blockly like this:


... and I watched my testswitch switching to On for 1 minute, as shown is this little video:


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Re: Temperature event doesn't work

Post by Xztraz » Friday 06 April 2018 21:42

what happens if you just set time as trigger

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