[Help]No move in 30 min then power off device

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[Help]No move in 30 min then power off device

Post by DAVIZINHO » Wednesday 20 September 2017 12:45


firstly sorry for my poor english, is not my natural languaje and is very bad :-(

Im a new user of domoticz and im configure recently a xiaomiy devices with domotic and a air purifier.
All works perfect and now i m trying to create scenes with blocky.

Im trying to do the next scene:
- Device 1: Move detector ("on" when detect a move, and "off" when no detect move)
- Device 2: Air purifier ("0" is off, "10" is on. I power on with scripts, Works perfect)
- Scene objetive: when the purifier is on and move detector not detect move in 30 minutes, then purifier off

conceptually is easy but in blocky i can´t find the way

can someone help me?

thanks a lot

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Re: [Help]No move in 30 min then power off device

Post by jannl » Wednesday 20 September 2017 13:34

You could also do that in a script and check for the last_update of the move detector

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