block events double running

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block events double running

Post by markjgabb » Tuesday 04 July 2017 0:17

hi guys i have the below blocky script that that double runs on temp high or temp low, but doesnt double run on the presence section...

by double run i mean that about .010 of a second apart the blocky will run twice and if its a temp high or low section it will preform the action twice....
i definatly dont have 2 blockys the same in the system.....
the only recent change was the add the heater overide switch, which is off when this happens....
hardware: RPI
domoticz: v 3.8034
heater: IR Beam, so no detection if its on or off
temp sensor: mysensors 10 minute poll temp

i cant think of anything else that would fit...
only other possiblity is that i renamed my blocky did a save as a deleted the old one, as i change it from heating to lounge heating
heating.PNG (63.8 KiB) Viewed 495 times
V 3.8153 RPI 3
RFlink 334 mhz

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