Partial switch & blockly event

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Partial switch & blockly event

Post by GFoxx2 » Wednesday 02 March 2016 11:47


I wanted to create blockly events accordingly to hoppee window state that is integrated as a selector switch in domoticz.
3 levels are set because it allows to return close/open/partially open window's status. I didn't find out how to set rules regarding switch's state.
I tried with logic blocks like On/off, number value or "string" because log shows status as text, and percentage in graph...

Is anyone that had to and succeed to set blockly event for partial switch would help me to make it working please?

Wish you all a nice day,
partial switch - log sample
domoForumPartSwLog.png (55.5 KiB) Viewed 868 times
partial switch - config sample
domoForumPartSw.png (79.63 KiB) Viewed 868 times

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Re: Partial switch & blockly event

Post by nixalsschrott » Friday 03 November 2017 17:04

Searching for exact the same problem. Any solution?
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