Xiaomi motion sensor blocky not working

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Xiaomi motion sensor blocky not working

Post by Kartes » Monday 09 July 2018 22:57


I'm having troubles with my Aqara motion sensor and the blocky's i'm using to let them activate a few lights in my house. Sinds this evening it stopped activating my blocky scripts. The strange thing is that i can turn the light on from the switches section and when i walk past the sensor, the sensor will activate in de switches section. In the logging i also see that the sensors are switching on but for some reason it won't activate the lights i configured in the scripts.

Doe someone have any idea? I've checked all the settings but maybe i'm doing something wrong. I'm quite new to Domoticz and this is the first time for me trying this out so any help would be awesome.

Domoticz Version: V4.9700
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One of my blocky's


This blocky is the only one working, i use it to turn of all my lights.


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Re: Xiaomi motion sensor blocky not working

Post by welby » Thursday 12 July 2018 10:11

Try changing the and to or between the times ;)

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Re: Xiaomi motion sensor blocky not working

Post by mrf68 » Friday 13 July 2018 19:28

Just to give a little more info: within the same day it can’t be after 21:45 AND earlier than 04:00 at the same time. That’s why it doesn’t work and you need to change the AND to OR. When you’re not sure why some scripts don’t work, try to make it as simple as possible by using 1 if statement, and without AND and OR blocks. For example: one blockly that uses the > 21:45 and a second blockly (separate one) with the < 04:00. If both do work, then you know it has something to do with the logic within your first try. ;)
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