Set security armed/disarmed by switch

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Re: Set security armed/disarmed by switch

Post by Dnpwwo » Sunday 06 May 2018 14:54

I'm integrating an external alarm panel into my Domoticz set up via a Python plugin. So far so good, all the zones and partitions show up and show the states so I can consume all the sensors in Domoticz.

I'm now trying to set the alarm state from Domoticz and running into issues with the Security Panel. I thought I could use the Security Panel because it is built in so I created one from within my plugin and set its state to match the overall alarm: Disarmed/Armed Home/Armed Away and it works just fine.

When I click on it the keypad pops up showing the correct state and if I use the security passcode the keypad tells me its changed state and a Security Event fires in Lua. So far so good indeed !!

My question is (well, might be) simple: How do I get the keypad to go away??!?

There is no close button, it doesn't close after an action or the Cancel button being pressed and iPads etc don't have a Back button.
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