PowerCounters, Why Differences? Error in Upgrade?

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PowerCounters, Why Differences? Error in Upgrade?

Post by Toulon7559 » Wednesday 15 August 2018 13:47

Version v4.9866 + v4.9895
Platform: Raspberry3
Description of bug/problem:

For my PV-sytem 2 ESP8266s have connection to 3 S0-interfaces of kWh-meters of type DDS238-1ZN by means of their ports D3 & D4 set as counters.
The 2 ESP8266s have same firmware version, and same settings [Debounce = 10, Upload = Delta]
At side of Domoticz creation of Dummy is for all 3 the same.
The virtual device for the meter ESP8266_F_Involar was created some time ago and in all aspects equivalent to the meters for the 3 PVLoggers.
For the meters ESP8266E_STECA and ESP8266E_SOLIS the virtual devices were created today.

The Domoticz view for the Involar meter is as expected for a virtual device of type General, kWh and runs in line with a parallel read from the RS485-interface of the same kWh-meter.
However, for the other 2 Virtual Devices the view is different.

Have checked at 3 places in Domoticz: see the screenshots.
Creation of the Virtual Devices seems OK, but result in Domoticz is wrong/different:
- at the page Setup/Devices puzzled by the different Icons, and by the column Data which has Power+Energy for IDs 2183 and 2184 and only Energy for ID=2174
- at Setup/MoreOptions/Events/CurrentStates, contrary it looks as if for IDs 2183/SOLIS and 2184/STECA the svalues only have Power-value, while for ID=2174 Power+Energy (as expected, like for the PVLoggers)
- at the Dashboard/Widgets for the STECA and SOLIS Power=0 and no Energy-reporting, but the timestamp changes, IMHO meaning that reading is active, but without result [which is not surprising if the link to the svalues is 'wrong']
- at the Dashboard/Widgets for the STECA and SOLIS not possible to adapt the settings for 'Usage/Production', nor for 'computed/by device'

By comparison:
at 'Setup/Events/MoreOptions' the Dummies for PVLoggers for STECA, SOLIS and SAJ for Data show Power+Energy and on 'Setup/Devices' they only show Energy; like the Involar Dummy they are active without problems.

Question: why the differences, and how to correct the 2 'wrong' devices?

Because the only difference seems the moment of creation with a different version of Domoticsoftware, is it possible that the latest software changes 'somewhere' have a mixup in the creation and handling of Virtual Devices?

Addition August 17th,2018:
with release v4.9895 the start seemed OK, but unfortunately the end-result was negative:
- at creation of new virtual devices in the list of devices they initially showed as Energy-meters, but later the icon changed again to the Domoticz-icon
- in the list of svalues (at Current States) they initially showed with (empty) fields for power+energy, but later changed to 1 field only (with power-content)

Addition August 18th, 2018:
Have experimented with release v4.9895 with various settings at the side of the ESP [such as upload as Delta, Delta/Total/Time, and Total] and with possible types of counters at side of Domoticz ['simple', 'incremental' and 'energy'], but the results do not make sense relative to the info coming from the PVLoggers and as manually read from the kWh-meters
screenshot- 8080-2018-08-15-13-22-56.png
screenshot- 8080-2018-08-15-13-22-56.png (6.51 KiB) Viewed 158 times
screenshot- 8080-2018-08-15-13-23-56.png
screenshot- 8080-2018-08-15-13-23-56.png (13.52 KiB) Viewed 158 times
screenshot- 8080-2018-08-15-13-24-38.png
Screenshot3: Dashboard
screenshot- 8080-2018-08-15-13-24-38.png (32.14 KiB) Viewed 158 times
Set1 = RPI-B+RFXCom433+S0PCM+Linksprite-shield for BMP180/DS18B20/RS485+DDS238-1ZN
Set2 = RPI-3+RFLinkGTW+ESP8266s+PWS_WS7000
Common = 3*PVLogger+PWS_TFA_Nexus+KAKUs
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