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Difference between SYSFS-Switches and Generic sysfs GPIO

Posted: Sunday 18 March 2018 18:37
by OldPensionado
Hi guys,

While defining hardware in Domoticz I encountered something weird. Or maybe not weird at all...
At Setup > Hardware I can choose a type of "Generic sysfs GPIO" and "SYSFS-Switches" (mind the use of capitals). And yes, I have installed the plugin GPIO-SYSFS. The difference is:
  • Generic sysfs GPIO leads to a checkbox "Autoconfigure devices" and a "Debounce" value to be entered.
  • choosing SYSFS-Switches results in information about a Wiki URL and a product URL, and - more important - a field "GPIO output pin numbers (comma separated)".
I've noticed that Domoticz at startup defines the output pins accordingly. In the logfile I can see "onStart called. Will now export SYSFS GPIO output pins".
My questions are:
  • why does this difference exists?
  • why can I only define an output pin and not an input pin here?
  • when defining a simple input which type should I use?
  • if I select "Generic SYSFS-Switches" where the connection with the input pin can be established?
Thanks in advance!