Issues setting up GoControl WD500Z-1 Dimmer

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Issues setting up GoControl WD500Z-1 Dimmer

Post by RedElephant » Friday 16 March 2018 3:58

Version: 3.8153
Platform: Windows 10, web dashboard.
Plugin/Hardware: Open Zwave

This is my first time using Domoticz (though I have used Homeseer in the past). I set up the zwave controller (Aeon Labs Zstick) and it found my GoControl WD500Z-1 Dimmer no problem. But I am experiencing a couple issues with it.

1. When clicking the lightbulb icon on the dashboard to turn off the light, it says "turning off" and the light itself does turn off, but the icon stays lit and says it's still on. Clicking a 2nd time does cause the icon to turn gray and show it's off though (and the light itself stays off). Clicking a third time does cause the light to come on as expected (though this causes a different issue, see #2 below).

2. I want this same light, when triggered, to go full off/full on, instantly. When turning off, it dims all the way before turning off, and when turning on, by clicking the dashboard icon, it turns on to 1% rather than 100%. Is there a way to force it to 100% off and 100% on and avoid the dimming?

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