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Re: Cant reach web interface (Raspberry PI)

Post by Bernd » Friday 15 December 2017 18:11

gizmocuz wrote:
Tuesday 22 August 2017 8:48
Updating to the latest beta solves it too

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cd domoticz
Would be good to add this in the wiki.
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Re: Cant reach web interface (Raspberry PI)

Post by BobdeBouwer » Wednesday 03 January 2018 22:38

Thank you BIRD. (+1)
And for those wondering.. a Jessie lib works well in Stretch.. didn't break my installation (on Raspberry Pi 2)
The 'status' command showed me why the webserver did not start:
sudo /etc/init.d/ status
<output with cut> ...[885]: /home/pi/domoticz/domoticz: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared â¦r directory

Next stop for me would be the update to the beta.. but I also like stable versions.

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Re: Cant reach web interface (Raspberry PI) SOLVED

Post by dmtcaz » Saturday 13 January 2018 20:06

For those of you who get an error after installing domoticz "the easy way" that says: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory and you aren't able to open domoticz in your web browser even though everything else seems fine and you can access your Rpi from SSH, try this from your home directory. It seems to be a Raspbian Stretch issue related to missing openssl libraries.

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sudo wget
and then

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sudo dpkg -i libssl1.0.0_1.0.1t-1+deb8u7_armhf.deb
If you receive an error after the first command there may be a more recent version available and the older one has been deleted. Check the latest version on i.e. look for something familiar but ending on a higher number such as deb8u8_armhf.deb etc, and adjust both of the above commands accordingly.

After that, try to run domoticz from the domoticz directory by sudo ./domoticz and the error message should be gone. Give it a CTRL-C and then start domoticz by sudo service start and all should be working fine.

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