ThermoSmart error login

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ThermoSmart error login

Postby albamatti » Tuesday 28 February 2017 23:10

Since two days I'm having problems with my ThermoSmart Thermostat. frequently errors appear in the log due to login failure.
Neither my login nor password have been changed. I can sent commands to ThermoSmart but sometimes iT does't respond at all.
Could iT be due to an automaticly firmware upgrade of ThermoSmart? Because also Siri responds with other answers when I change the temperature through Siri.
I tried to remove the hardware and add it again. The problems persists.

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Re: ThermoSmart error login

Postby Bikey » Wednesday 01 March 2017 11:41

I have the same issue, but that started a bit longer ago.
The username/password are correct because it also does work for a couple of hours. But then something seems to go wrong in the communication. It could also be an error on the ThermoSmart server.

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Re: ThermoSmart error login

Postby HSR3 » Tuesday 21 March 2017 1:29

For last few month I experienced the same issue, mostly after a view hours connection was restored. But now I have no connection since 16th March. The same for my Netatmo sensors. I have checked the username and password: they are correct. Deleting the hardware and adding it again doesn't help to solve the problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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