Authentication issue with multiple users

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Authentication issue with multiple users

Post by bueno79 » Monday 25 December 2017 20:08


I'm using the latest stable of Domoticz. I've redirect the port of my domoticz to internet. So I can acces it from anywhere. To secure this I'm using HTTPS and add a login password on the website (website protection settings).

Then I've create a new user (login : ext) and grant him the role "user", to finally assign him few device. I tried to logon...impossible. Bad username/password. I've double check many times, tried "basic auth" and "login page" way.

Can you help me ?

best regards

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Re: Authentication issue with multiple users

Post by peliilep » Wednesday 27 December 2017 21:54

Be aware that usernames are case sensitive.

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Re: Authentication issue with multiple users

Post by ToxicTiger » Friday 12 January 2018 16:31


Version: 3.8153
Platform: Synology
Plugin/Hardware: rflink

Did you get anywhere with this?

I have set a username (remoteuser) and password to secure the website in the "system settings" under Website Protection section, and when I log remotely the (using HTTPS / SSL) i am asked for my user name and password, which I enter and it all works OK.

What I then want to do is set up a number of additional users that have access to different switches and sensors etc. So in "More Options / Edit Users" I add some users (user1, user2), but when I log in i cant access these additional users. I can't work out how its supposed to work. How am I supposed to log in as users1 or user2? Is the Website Protection an separate login layer or is it all the same? Are the users that I add in the "Edit Users" section logged in somewhere else? Do I need to enable a multi user mode or something?


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Re: Authentication issue with multiple users

Post by apotropaic » Thursday 22 March 2018 11:58

Hi, I'm also struggling to understand the relationship between the 'Website Protection" setting and creating additional users, the wiki and previous forum posts are not very clear.

Does anyone know when you would use one and not the other?

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