User UID raspberry pi install script & dzVents

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User UID raspberry pi install script & dzVents

Post by XelNaha » Wednesday 14 February 2018 0:02

Hi all,

I am having an interesting issue which I didn't find on the forum yet.

I recently installed domoticz on a raspberry pi using the recommended install script, with a user which has uid 1001. the Pi user with uid 1000 I removed.

After the installation as user 1001, I found that the installation was still done under user with uid 1000 and as a result I found dzVents not working and half the files had uid 1001 and other half 1000. As a result the installation is a bit of a mess, and after an update things randomly break.

Is there any reason why the installation script wouldn't use the uid of the user installing it? and also, how would this be fixed?

many thanks!

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