time = variable value as trigger

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time = variable value as trigger

Post by TheCondor » Thursday 11 January 2018 18:54

Hi, i'm looking to build some automations for the wake-up hour, like turn on tv on news channel and turn on some lamps.
I've already a script that is triggered as

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	Timer = 	(07.30 on Mon-Fri),
			(09.00 on Sat-Sun)

but it would usefull if i can put this value in a domoticz variable and let the dzvents scripts read the value of the variable as a trigger. So it will be possible

a) to change the hour more easy
b) let another script change the value according for example to a google calendar holiday date
c) in the future change the value from alexa or google home or similar....

Any workaround is currently working for achieve that? Thanks all!

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Re: time = variable value as trigger

Post by dannybloe » Saturday 27 January 2018 11:47

You can use a function as the timer rule. See the rules section in the documentation. Your function would be something like:

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return  {
	on = {
		timer = { 
				return  ( domoticz.time.matchesRule(domoticz.variables('myCustomVarRule') )
	execute = ...
But not that this function is evaluated every minute coz that's the heartbeat of Domoticz timer-based events. So be careful with performance.
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Re: time = variable value as trigger

Post by jake » Wednesday 31 January 2018 19:10

I am looking for such a solution as well, but don't understand your example regarding variables time function.

Is it also possible to define a local variable on the first lines and reuse it in the timer onexecute?

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