Intruder alert script  [

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Intruder alert script

Postby elmortero » Saturday 17 December 2016 14:12

I am using the example script "intruder alert.lua" as a template for a door/window opened script.

Code: Select all

return {

   active = true,

   on = {
      'dt*' -- all door contacts (
   execute = function(domoticz, detector)
   local away = domoticz.devices['Holiday']
      if (detector.state == 'Open' and away.state == 'On') then         -- a door/window was opened while we are away
         -- send notification
         domoticz.notify('Security breach', '', domoticz.PRIORITY_EMERGENCY)
      if (detector.state == 'Open' and away.state == 'Off') then         -- a door/window was opened while we are home
         -- send notification
         domoticz.notify('DT ', 'But that is ok, we are home', domoticz.PRIORITY_LOW)

Since the ON device contains a joker, how could I read the actual device that triggered the script so that I could include it in the notification like

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         domoticz.notify('Security breach', .. dtX ..'was opened while we are not home', domoticz.PRIORITY_EMERGENCY)
without having to add all the dt devices individually?

I think I should be able to base it on

Code: Select all

                local message=""

                        if (device.description ~= nil) then
                                _, _, threshold = string.find(device.description,"CDA:(%d+)")
                                if (threshold ~= nil) then
                                        local name =
                                        local minutes = domoticz.devices[name].lastUpdate.minutesAgo
                                        if ( minutes > tonumber(threshold)) then
                                                message = message .. 'Device ' ..
                                                name .. ' seems to be dead. No heartbeat for at least ' ..
                                                minutes .. ' minutes.\r'


But I would like to only check the devices whose name starts with dt.

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Re: Intruder alert script  [

Postby dannybloe » Wednesday 21 December 2016 14:23

It should pass the device that caused the trigger as the second argument to you execute function.
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