will these cheap Z-Wave devices work?

Others (MiLight, Hue, Toon etc...)
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will these cheap Z-Wave devices work?

Post by Evelen » Wednesday 02 December 2015 22:23

Has for some time trawled the internet for cheap Z-Wave, but everything is expensive. Sometimes I see great deals in the Netherlands, but with extremely expensive shipping to Norway.

But then I came across aliexpress, will these devices work with domoticz?

Also, what is a "Code Grabber"?

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Re: will these cheap Z-Wave devices work?

Post by ThinkPad » Thursday 03 December 2015 9:32

I don't think the items you see at the top rows of the page are actually Z-Wave. I think they just put the word 'Z-Wave' in the description, so their products popup when you search for 'Z-Wave'. Have seen that tactique being used earlier on eBay.
The more expensive stuff (>$60) seems to be Z-Wave, but the prices are equal to those of Z-Wave stuff in Europe ($60 == €56).

Apart from that, Z-Wave has multiple frequencies for different countries:
Frequency band: The Z-Wave Radio uses the 868.42 MHz SRD Band (Europe);
the 900 MHz ISM band: 908.42 MHz (United States);
916 MHz (Israel); 919.82 MHz (Hong Kong);
921.42 MHz (Australian/New Zealand)
India 865.2 MHz
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z-Wave#Ra ... ifications

So concluding all that, i think it is not interesting to buy it from overseas. For the same price you can get something in Europe that is definately going to work.
Best bet is to keep an eye on websites that sell Z-Wave stuff, often they have older series that they sell a bit cheaper. But Z-Wave stays expensive unfortunately.

Code grabber is a cloning remote i think, i have seen that before with 433Mhz stuff. You can use that to clone an existing remote. Has nothing to do with Z-Wave.
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