Quigg GT-FSI-07 supported ?

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Quigg GT-FSI-07 supported ?

Post by jado » Sunday 11 October 2015 23:20


The following;
I use Domoticz on a windows machine, combined with a RfxTrx433e [downloaded the latest drivers].
just bought the Aldi offer Quigg GT-FSI-07 [the units are tested and work fine].
The GT-FSI-07 is not listed in the compatibility list [viewtopic.php?f=49&t=7590]

With the RFX Manager software I can see the Quigg transmitter activity.
Domoticz [in "learning" mode] can identify the "buttons" only in the On state.
But activating these buttons either via the RFX Manager or Domoticz the units do not re-act.

As not being listed as compatible not surprising, but what needs to be done to get it working [and even is it even possible]?

Thanks in advance for your reactions and help.


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Re: Quigg GT-FSI-07 supported ?

Post by dutchnld » Saturday 14 November 2015 13:59


I have the Quigg GT-FSI-05 but for me even the learning mode doesn't recognize the remote control or the receiver.
Would love to add these units to domoticz as well.
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