RFXTRX433 and Conrad RSL

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Re: RFXTRX433 and Conrad RSL

Post by biomm » Wednesday 12 July 2017 19:53

MarceldeJongNL - sorry for late reply.. hope still could help a bit

For all interested - the mayor idea was to enable Conrad RSL switches in Domoticz to be in use without remote controller. Only from "inside" of scenes and events.

So, the solution was partly described by Bram and with some information from Stuntteam and my modification of procedure and should looks like:

1. under settings tab, make sure "accept new hardware/sensors" is enabled.. if not enable it
2. go to hardware tab
3. press "create rflink device"
4. first to pair devices enter string: 10;CONRAD;220c49;1;PAIR;
DO NOT ACCEPT UNTIL LEARNING MODE IN CONRAD SWITCH IS ON (other words - set the Conrad switch in learning mode and press OK)
When done your switch should go into ON mode (I have made "test bulb" circuit to check all is OK)
Please note your device is not listed under devices tab yet!
5.Press "create rflink device" once again!
6. enter string: 20;21;Conrad;ID=220c49;SWITCH=01;CMD=ON;
7. press OK
8. go to devices tab now and find the new conrad device, press green arrow and name it (lets say BULB1)
9. go to switches tab and locate the new device "BULB1"
10. press "ON" on the device to check is it working as it should

Please note that device ID in both cases above (4 &5) must be the same. To add another RSL switch just change ID.
In my case it worked perfect with the following Conrad switches TYPE: RSW882R-B; RSL885R. To be checked (but looks should be OK based on previous experience): RSLR3 switch, dimmer (2 wire), outdoor rsl switch...

One more RSL from Conrad workin OK with RFLink and Domoticz - Movement detector. It is easy recognised without additional pairing or addind a codes. Just run it and check on the device list. Please note detector is 2 stages: ON and OFF as you may set "ON" timer (from 6 sec to 5 min).

Hope it will help :)
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Re: RFXTRX433 and Conrad RSL

Post by MarceldeJongNL » Thursday 13 July 2017 12:22

Thanks for your explanation! Better late than never.
But from your solution I understand you are working with a RFLink.
I was hoping to do the same with a RfxTrx433.

For now I think I will settle for a 16 channel remote like this

Nice price for adding 16 devices.
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Re: RFXTRX433 and Conrad RSL

Post by biomm » Friday 14 July 2017 14:14

Yes, it is RFLink - sorry for confusion
Above updated device list working with RFLink and Domoticz (movement detector)

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Re: RFXTRX433 and Conrad RSL

Post by harolds » Sunday 23 September 2018 21:11

Did someone manage to get the Voltomat (Conrad RSL?) working in Domoticz with the RFXCOM?
I bought three switches at Hornbach and it would be nice to use them.

The strange thing is that I can add the remote control as switches. But when I click them in Domoticz the power switch does not respond.

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