DIY on/off status wired LightwaveRF Gen 1 wired light switches / Domoticz

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DIY on/off status wired LightwaveRF Gen 1 wired light switches / Domoticz

Post by ronschaeffer » Wednesday 08 August 2018 11:54


I’ve been pondering the idea of DIYing on/off status indication for LightwaveRF Gen 1 wired light switches to show the correct on/off status in Domoticz. Because the Gen 1 wired light switches do not transmit a wireless signal when switched on or off manually, Domoticz is unaware of the status change.

I know that the Gen 2 switches provide on/off status, but I’d rather not change all of my switches. And, Gen 2 is not supported in Domoticz.

First off, has anyone done something similar?

My basic idea builds off something like this ... mp-sensor/.

Key elements:

1. Sense current in the light circuit (so, knowing when lights are on) using a current transformer such as ... T013-100A/ clamped around a live wire feeding into one of the downlighters.

2. Connect the current transformer to a very-low-power Arduino with a 433MHz transmitter or transceiver, all powered by replaceable AA battteries or ideally a coin cell. I’ll need to work out the power budget.

3. When the lights are switched on (high current is sensed), transmit a certain code over 433MHz. When the lights are switched off, (As a possible future upgrade using a 433MHz transceiver, add the possibility to receive a code triggering the unit to resend the on/off status code.)

4. Receive the status codes with a RFXtrx433E (which I use instead of the LWRF Link) controlled by Domoticz

5. Use dummy slave switches in Domoticz to update the status of the actual (master) switches based on the received status codes.

Does this make sense? Any ideas for alternatives or improvements?


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