Light Switch Recommendation

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Light Switch Recommendation

Post by Thorsten » Tuesday 19 June 2018 11:40

Hi everyone,

I have a small running system with domoticz and the rfxcom433 that I want to extend by a few light switches.
Recently I bought a quite cheap smartwares SH5-RBS-04A. This has exactly the features that I want but... well not only the price but also the quality is quite cheap. After only about 20 switches the relay is stuck in on position. (The lamps are about 20W of LEDs).
So I'm looking for a good quality actor with the following features:
433Mhz and a protocol that works with the rfxcom easily,
Possibility to use my existing light switches,
Usable with LEDs,
Available from Germany.
A plus would be a small size, but that's secondary.

Has anyone a product in use that fulfils this requirements?

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