Looking for a 2-way communication LED Dimmer

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Looking for a 2-way communication LED Dimmer

Post by BarryT » Sunday 18 March 2018 22:22

Hi all,

are there any 230v LED dimmer available on the market like (coco) kaku have?
I have 9 kaku (led) dimmers (AWMD-250) wich are working perfect, but sometimes they are not going on or off due the 433 send output..
i'm looking for a dimmer wich CAN dim LED lights of 6 Watt without the need of any bypasses or something, and have 2-way communication like zwave/zigbee.

i've searched a lot on ali or some others but didnt find anything so far!
the one i found has the need for a bypass (fibaro) while others cant handle LED :(

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