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Popp Keypad not working, please advise

Posted: Thursday 07 December 2017 22:59
by Arnyx
Hi all,

I just bought a Popp keypad (not sure if I'm allowed to link to a webshop, but couldn't find the item on te manufacturers site) here It clearly says they don't know if the item is compatible, but they told me to try and if it doesn't work I can always return it. Fine.

So, I added the keypad by opening the case, which puts in in management mode and pressing "4" and "*". Domoticz added the node as "Popp Unknown: type=0005, id=0002+"and also added 6 devices:
Access Control
Alarm Level
Alarm Type

The "unknown" was a disappointment, but the devices gave me hope. Unfortunately after closing the device and pressing the doorbell key nothing happens. Tried updating to latest beta to see if that would help (excluded the node, killed the 6 devices and included it once more), but no luck. Is there anything I can do to get this hardware working?

Big thanks from a newbie.

Re: Popp Keypad not working, please advise

Posted: Saturday 05 May 2018 11:25
by upkanet
I have the same problem.
The device is included in the Z wave Network, but I don't receive any status from the Keypad.

Thank you.