Control Your Harmony Hub with Domoticz (RaspberryPi (Linux))

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Re: Control Your Harmony Hub with Domoticz (RaspberryPi (Linux))

Post by goedh452 » Sunday 08 May 2016 10:51

I've run into some trouble related to Harmony Hub control. Maybe someone can help out.

I used to use the native support in Domoticz, but it only allows me to start activities. I would also like to use other commands like changing channels. Especially now Homebridge is around which wil ultimately allow me to change to control even command by voice.

I run Domoticz and Homebrigde on a raspberry model A on the Raspbian Jessie image. When I install HarmonyHubControl it seems to either screw with the LOCALE settings or kill de sudoers file. The error when I run sudo gives an string with an library not found. The string contains all strange characters. Back to the LOCALE probably... I cannot fix this and have to image the SD card with a clean install.

I'm not a Linux advanced user. The wiki of HarmonyHubControl tells me to run the Wheezie distribution. Is this the problem? And is there a way of getting it properly working on the Jessie image?

Thanks in advance for the replies!


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Re: Control Your Harmony Hub with Domoticz (RaspberryPi (Linux))

Post by ludo » Wednesday 10 January 2018 22:38

Hi Bouke,

have you ever solved this installation issue?
I run into the sme problem, can't get HHC to install

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Re: Control Your Harmony Hub with Domoticz (RaspberryPi (Linux))

Post by Nautilus » Thursday 11 January 2018 0:16

Don't know the current situation, but at some point when Harmony Hub went through bigger firmware changes HHC was seemingly not keeping up with the changes and I switched to HarmonyHubCLI - and have been happy with it. More info e.g. here: ... li#p164004

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Re: Control Your Harmony Hub with Domoticz (RaspberryPi (Linux))

Post by gordonb3 » Sunday 15 April 2018 11:27

I recently acquired a Harmony Hub to replace my Harmony 650 remote and was pleased to see it being supported by Domoticz.

I quickly found out that there were issues with how Domoticz communicated with the Hub though and started looking for another method where I found HarmonyHubControl. As it happens, this project is the core of Domoticz Harmony Hub support and it appears to have been unmaintained since end of 2015. I've forked the project into my own GitHub account and got the code up to date with the current Hub firmware.

Having addressed the issues with the original code I started working with the code in Domoticz, which should be available in the beta soon. I also thought about adding switches for other functions, but that came down to ~40 switches that somehow didn't all make sense and look weird in the regular Domoticz screen. And of course the main issue is that these switches might need to do something different depending on the chosen activity. Overall I think the script method makes more sense for controlling such functions and you could e.g. create switches for selecting a specific channel, which would otherwise require entering a three digit number.

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Re: Control Your Harmony Hub with Domoticz (RaspberryPi (Linux))

Post by DAVIZINHO » Saturday 28 April 2018 21:47

i have a harmony hub and harmony elite and foud this topic searching for info.
i see you are working on the plugin.
If i want to test, how can I install it?, is the wiki updated? or only install a new hardware in domoicz (i have the last beta)


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