Meek DD (Doorbell, DSRM P1 reader / Development board)

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Meek DD (Doorbell, DSRM P1 reader / Development board)

Post by Meek » Wednesday 14 November 2018 20:39

Besides the switches, we’re also in process of creating several smart, Wi-Fi enabled, devices, capable of interacting with each other.
One of the devices we’re working on, is the Meek DD, this is a Wi-Fi enabled, multipurpose board with integrated (smart) Doorbell function, DSRM P1 smart meter reader & Development board.
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Doorbell :
• Integrated MP3 player and 3.5mm audio output to play any melody on doorbell activities.
• Fully programmable doorbell modus, just a few examples :
o Standalone : on doorbell -> play a melody of your choice on a sound level you want. You can even set the melody or volume levels on a predefined setting. For instance, from 19.00 hours till 06.00, play melody 2 on volume level 20, from 06.01 till 18.59, play melody 85, volume 30.
o Parallel : works parallel to your existing doorbell with the option to disable your doorbell on any given time. This could be beneficial for instance when your baby is asleep.
o Silence modus : no doorbell ring
o Phone messaging : on doorbell send a mail, or rind my mobile phone
o Visual modus: on doorbell, blink Meek switches/light points

DSMR P1 Meter : Wi-Fi enabled P1 meter, sends the P1 output to a logging system like Domoticz.
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Development Board: majority of the ports are made available with headers. You can easily attach and control LED strips (NeopixelBusFX, Neopixel,DMX,…), I2C breakout, several 5V tolerant input’s/outputs (for instance for your water meter, pulse counter,….).
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