ESPEasy/RFM69 and WH24 Weather Station

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ESPEasy/RFM69 and WH24 Weather Station

Post by Zodiac69 » Saturday 30 June 2018 14:57

Hi All

I have managed to get the ESPEasy to read the raw RF string from a WH24 Outdoor Weather Station.
I used Plugin 124 as a template and changed the RFM69 settings to adapt to the WH24.

I can get all the info on my ESPEasy, but i see that Domoticz is not happy with the data format, the only sensor that is working correct is Temp + Humidity.
See Screen shot - it seems that hey want more values that what i am posting??
If you can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.
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Re: ESPEasy/RFM69 and WH24 Weather Station

Post by cyberclwn » Saturday 30 June 2018 16:30


I normally take the specifications from the API/JSON page, to get the details that Domoticz expects.

There are the parameters explained which are expected/ needed.

You can use a dummy device in ESPEasy to create/combine the values you need, or use the rules bit to create the required JSON-call to Domoticz.

Hope you succeed.
It's a bit tricky sometimes, but i like that :)
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