ESP01 s) kWH meters

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ESP01 s) kWH meters

Post by sander815 » Wednesday 14 February 2018 10:28

I want to use one ESP01 to pulse count 3 kWh S0 meters. I that possible?
ESP01 has 4 gpio, but i don't know if i can use them all?

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Re: ESP01 s) kWH meters

Post by baekmark » Friday 22 June 2018 10:54

Hi sander815

did you ever get any response on your question?

If you have three meters that you want to monitor via Domoticz, it might be an option with this S0 device:
S0 Pulse Counter Module (5 Poorten)

I'm sure that the ESP8266-01 can't be used as the remaining GPIO can't be used, as they are used for programming etc...
The ESP8266-12 does offer more GPIO ports at an Okey price.


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