No log espeasy humidity

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No log espeasy humidity

Post by mischa » Saturday 23 December 2017 0:28

I have a wemos D1 mini with the EspEasy the v2.0.0-dev11 firmware.
Reading the temperature and humidity with a DHT-22 and created custom rules for updating seperate virtual temp and humidity sensor.

both sensors give the correct values in domoticz , but when I want to see the log for the humidity it is showing the temp graph.
Is it just not showing the correct graph or is it not recording the log?

Is this a problem with the virtual Humidity sensor in Domoticz?

Here is the rule I use in the espeasy to send the humidity value to the Domoticz virtual humidity sensor:

Code: Select all

on Temp + Vocht#Humidity do
SendToHTTP,8084,/json.htm?type=command&param=udevice&idx=7&nvalue=[Temp + Vocht#Humidity]
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