ESP8266/ESP Easy - Not all sensors update regularly

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ESP8266/ESP Easy - Not all sensors update regularly

Post by henk99 » Wednesday 13 December 2017 15:32

I'm using a ESP8266 NodeMCU with ESP Easy firmware with 3 DS18b20 temperature sensors. The sensors are connected in parallel to the GPIO-0 (D3) pin and to Gnd and 3V3 (with 4k7 resistor). In the ESP config tool they are all added as a device with a different port for each of them. When working at my desk, everything was working fine and updating normally. Both in ESP config and domoticz, all three were updating fine.

I then mounted everything at their intended locations (central heating input/output pipes). For the first few hours this was working fine, and updating in domoticz as I wanted. However, a few hours later 2 out of 3 sensors stopped updating at regular intervals. One sensor is still updating nicely, while the other two only update every few hours or so (see images below).

The ESP8266 is located near the central heater, out in the open (no shielding or anything). Someone mentioned potential disturbance from the central heating pump switching on an off as a problem cause. But how would I shield for that? It still needs to receive wifi signal right?

Pink line stops regular updates after 21.30hrs:

Number 3 sensor (used as a room sensor) updates irregular:

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Re: ESP8266/ESP Easy - Not all sensors update regularly

Post by jvdz » Wednesday 13 December 2017 18:59

What does the ESPEasy menu tell you for the WiFi connectivity's signal strength?
Does it show any errors in the ESPEASY LOG option under tools?


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Re: ESP8266/ESP Easy - Not all sensors update regularly

Post by SweetPants » Wednesday 13 December 2017 19:47

I had a similar issue, on my breadboard it was working fine but connecting the (in my case 2) DS18b20 using long (1m) wires between the ESP and the DS18b20 messed things up. I could only solve this by adding an extra DS18b20 in parallel close to the ESP. After that it worked fine.
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