How connect esp8266 esp-01?

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How connect esp8266 esp-01?

Post by someone » Sunday 16 July 2017 23:49

I have esp8266 esp-01 and i wont to conect him to domoticz

How i can do it?
I dont have usb plug to the esp
I use with arduino uno r3

But i dont know how to connect him
I need a new firmware?

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Re: How connect esp8266 esp-01?

Post by SweetPants » Monday 17 July 2017 20:15

Did you search the forum or google for this? There is no easy answer, all depends on what you want to accomplish. Try starting with They have an ESP gateway to Domoticz. I use ESP modules and MQTT (Via Node Red) to connect my devices/sensors to Domoticz.
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Re: How connect esp8266 esp-01?

Post by Lebo2d9 » Monday 21 August 2017 8:34

I use esp easy

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