Z-Wave factfile: GreenWave NS210-F

Information about specific Z-Wave devices
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Z-Wave factfile: GreenWave NS210-F

Post by ThinkPad » Friday 11 December 2015 23:28

Greenwave Reality (also sold as Nuon plugs in the past)


Smart Plug with energy measurement


Nuon E-manager Smartplug

Device Library from http://www.pepper1.net

Manuals from manuals.zwaveeurope.com and doc.eedomus.com:
http://doc.eedomus.com/files/PowerNode_ ... nglish.pdf

Domoticz experience
Have send the plugs back, so from the top of my head:
- Switch device
- Watt device
- kWh device
- Needs constant polling, otherwise the LED on the unit will start blinking green. Very annoying if it is in your view (next to TV or so).
- It also only repeats for other Greenwave nodes, NOT for other Z-wave brands. So it is bad for improving the total strength of your Z-Wave mesh.
- Stability (or would the range cause this?) didn't seem to be very great, from the 4 plugs i bought, two of them regurarly fell out of the Z-wave network (timeouts, 'dropping command'). Even after excluding, resetting and including again. Strength of my network is not the issue, it has clear view to a Aeon motion 4m away.

Plugs send back, don't know this anymore. Maybe someone else can post this info.

Plugs send back, don't know this anymore. Maybe someone else can post this info.

zwcfg_0xaaaaaaa.xml sample:
Plugs send back, don't know this anymore. Maybe someone else can post this info.

Very cheap available at ROBBshop, but i wouldn't advise them because they need constant polling, don't increase the whole strength of your network and they didn't seem to be rocksolid. I had 4 of them, but send them back for a refund because of above reasons.
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Re: Z-Wave factfile: GreenWave NS210-F

Post by jannl » Saturday 12 December 2015 11:15

The one they sell now is the 310. I have one at home, not tested yet. According to the manual the powerstate can be configured. I also have one 210. No problems so far (about 2 weeks)

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Re: Z-Wave factfile: GreenWave NS210-F

Post by wmn79 » Sunday 03 April 2016 21:09

More information on the settings for this device:

- parameter 0: Power change required to send a notification, in % from 1 to 100, default 10
- parameter 1: Keep alive time, in minutes from 1 to 255, default 2
- parameter 2: Color wheel selection, read only
- parameter 3: State after power loss, 0 = all off, 1 = remember last state, 2 = all on, default 2
- parameter 4: Led for network error, 0 = disable, 1 = enable, default 0
- association group 1: Color wheel change
- association group 2: Relay health
- association group 3: Power value change
- association group 4: Over-current protection

Technical doc for PowerNode

Parameter 3 and 4 seem only to work on devices with a firmware with Protocol Version: 3.41 and Application Version: 4.27 or higher.

Credits: vrampal

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