Nodon CWS-3-1-0x wallswitch doesn't send very well

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Nodon CWS-3-1-0x wallswitch doesn't send very well

Post by Timmiej93 » Wednesday 17 January 2018 12:44

So I've had this Nodon wallswitch for quite some time now. Usually, it works great, but sometimes - usually after it hasn't been used for a longer time (12+hrs) - , it has trouble sending its commands. It can take up to 10 tries before the sent command is actually received by the controller.

First thing I'm wondering about: Is this because of the switch, or because of the controller? When I try issuing the same command through my phone, it works instantly.

Second thing I'm wondering: I saw this entry in the device's log:

Code: Select all

Error, Node003, ERROR: Dropping command, expected response not received after 1 attempt(s)
Is there a way to have the switch attempt sending the command multiple times? I'm looking at the OpenZWave Control Panel, but I'm having trouble understanding everything there.

OpenZWave Control Panel reports the battery at 97%, so that shouldn't be an issue. Distance between the receiver and switch is roughly 2m (6 or 7 ft).

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