how to start scene with module Fibaro

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how to start scene with module Fibaro

Post by TruusDom » Saturday 14 May 2016 17:07

I read it is possible to start a scene with the fibaro FGS-212 by pressing the switch 3 times. Offcourse this will work with the Fibaro controller, but does this also works in Domoticz?

I have a staircase and each floor has a light. However the lightswitch on the first floor for the first floor is located far away from the stairs.
however the lightswitch for the second floor is located on the first floor next to the stairs. I guess the builder forgot to place a switch.
I want to use the lightswitch on the first floor to be use as the switch for the second floor as well as the first floor.
On the second floor by pushing the switch manaully and the first floor by using a scene when pressed two (or three) times.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: how to start scene with module Fibaro

Post by Gravityz » Thursday 28 December 2017 11:45

if it supports scenes like the FGD212 it should work

first check if the scene functionality is enabled in the module settings(goto setup-hardware-setup-select device)

after that go to a scene go to edit-activation devices and press add

if you then hit the switch 3 times it should tecord the id and you are done

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