FS1000A not sending always

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FS1000A not sending always

Post by iLLiac4 » Thursday 08 March 2018 12:52


I have FS1000A and it does not always works. I have tested it with 10;FA20RF;2c791a;1;ON; and it sometimes works and sometimes not.
I have tried with external antenna and it is the same.

Could it be that I have some fake/bad FS1000A module? Have ordered 5 and they are all the same so it is not the specific one trensmitter.

The other question is if i send command 10;FA20RF;2c791a;1;ON the smoke alarm beeps only for about 5 sec, so the same amount of time as I would press button Test on the smoke detector. On RFXcom it beeps all the time until i press off in domoticz.
If i do the same in Domoticz with RFlink it beeps only for 5 sec, so the same as test button and also the same as in RFlink loader.


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