Arduino clone ?

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Arduino clone ?

Post by gbuico » Sunday 03 December 2017 10:58

Hi all.
Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon trying to find an answer to my doubt.
I've been working in IT for 45 years but when it comes to electronic and soldering I'm totally null, so I decided to buy a RFLink kit in Nodo shop with the soldering service.
While choosing the right kit to buy, I notice that the Arduino Mega they offer is a clone.
Now, from one side I would assume that this makes no difference for the final result, but at the same time I remember reading an article explaining that the clone version needs additional work/drivers/software than the original one when you want to use it connected to a Raspberry.
Unfortunately I can't find that article anymore so I thought to ask here, since many of you have surely made a personal experience on this subject.
So... the option for me are to buy the whole kit from Nodo or to buy everything but the Arduino clone then get an original Arduino from somewhere else.
Would you be so kind to share your experience? The Raspberry I'll use is a Pi3
Thanks a lot


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Re: Arduino clone ?

Post by cyberbob69 » Sunday 03 December 2017 11:09

personally, i have 2 kit that come from nodoshop and i dont have to put special driver (i'm on synology)
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Re: Arduino clone ?

Post by koowee » Sunday 03 December 2017 11:22

I have also two RFLink from Nodo shop and those are connected to RPi's (2 & 3) and used with Domoticz. I haven't install any extra drivers etc.

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Re: Arduino clone ?

Post by emme » Sunday 03 December 2017 11:29

I'm using several ATMega328P Nano with a NodeMCU as a MySensors Gateway
I'm using also NRF24 radios... I?m not so skilled either on soldering but willing to learn so I have a sort of mesh situation :D
Actualy I have a solded on a PCB gateway and wired devices

UNTIL.... I found this in aliexpress ... 2246061565

Image that I suppose will change my mind in developing devices :lol: :lol: :lol:
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