RTSLONGTX explanation

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RTSLONGTX explanation

Post by Kennet » Monday 16 October 2017 20:53


I have a Synology NAS working with the RFLink (R47).
I am am controlling Somfy blinds (1002295A Tilt&Lift 25 RTS Central)

I found that the control is working best when I use RTSLONGTX.

However when I use this option I get "Error: RFLink: TX time out..." because the command takes really long time to respond.
So I would like to know how this option works?
Is the command repeated many times or what happens ?
Also is it be possible to adjust the time it is sending the command ?
I know my blinds do not need the command for that long because they er finished moving before the command finishes.


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Re: RTSLONGTX explanation

Post by Stuntteam » Monday 16 October 2017 23:41

It is experimental and not compatible with Domoticz.
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