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Python Synology miio

Post by wouterlet » Friday 19 October 2018 11:30

Hello members,

I'm quite new to domoticz so run into some issue's. I have a Synology ds218play. Downloaded "Domoticz Stable V4.9700 for DSM 6.2 with Python" from Jadahl and installed it manually. Installed RFXcom and open-zwave without trouble.

Now I was trying to get my Roborock S50 into Domoticz, but this gives some trouble. I followed the following thread about it: ... t=roborock

Got to the manual on Github and the first step of the installation gives a problem:

- sudo apt-get install python3 python3-dev python3-pip

I got the error "apt-get command not found". I thought it would work because Python was allready in the installpackage from Jadahl. But now I understand "apt-get" is something else that isn't possible on the synology? Is there an alternative to this?

Any help would be great! I'm a starter so not that experiance and mosty copy pasting. Is everything is possible to learn!

Best regards,


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