Upgrade from 3.6635 to 3.8314 on QNAP

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Upgrade from 3.6635 to 3.8314 on QNAP

Post by mackowiakp » Tuesday 27 February 2018 20:54

Currently I have installed Domoticz ver. 3.6635. Latest available version of Domoticz in QNAP Club is 3.8314. So I try to upgrade to the newest version available from Domoticz config menu. But it ends with error. It is not possible to upgrade one from QNAP App Center. So I download QPKG install package and want to install it manually.
My question is. I have no additional plugin installed, all my own scripts are located in separated dir. So, can I simply backup Domoticz database, remove old installation in install new one? Of course, after new installation I will restore database. But all my current definition off switches, sensors etc will be restore properly?

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