How is the connection setup to MyDomoicz

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How is the connection setup to MyDomoicz

Post by joostvanderlinde » Thursday 08 February 2018 12:18

Today I tried to setup MyDomoicz for the Domoicz that is in our holidayhome 1500km away.
This Domoticz is connected to the internet via 4G. The issue with that is that you cannot access any device on the local lan through the public IP (because of NAT that the telco's use for 4G). S what I used to do is setup a VPN from that Domoticz to my router at home and access it from there.
Drawback: My router assigns the VPN IP 'radomly'so after a connection-drop I have to figure out via which VPN Ip I can access the remote Domoticz.

From the description n he Wiki I understood that MyDomoricz works the other way around: Remote Domoticz connects to MyDomoticz. This should work over 4G (it does for my heatpump in the same location).

But since I do not see my remote Domoticz appearing in MyDomoticz (but I noticed the remote Domoticz received the instance ID) I might be wrong.
In which case MyDmoticz is no solution for me.

Can someone clarify how the connection between a remote Donmoticz and the MyDomoticz service is setup:
- From remote Domoticz -> MyDomoticz
- From MyDomoticz -> remote Domoticz

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Re: How is the connection setup to MyDomoicz

Post by emme » Thursday 08 February 2018 12:55

I do have exactely the same issue that I do not fixed yet.

My intention will be to install a DD-WRT router with a 4gCard and setup a VPN client to my home router (my home router is a DDwrt OpenVPN Server with a reachable dDNS already)
I don't know how it works outside Italy, but here, the mobile carriers use to disconnect the data SIM that creates traffic on the same cell for a long time, so I will also add a scheduled reboot every 24 hours.

This way I'm quite sure the router reboots and restart the VPN Client

On my home side, the VPN clients are fully visible within my LAN (but on a different Layer), so they can be used as any opther availabe IP
Broadcast will be unavailble, but if you point an IP you will see it.

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