HTTPS connection for controlicz

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HTTPS connection for controlicz

Post by windhoos » Thursday 28 December 2017 11:27

Hi there,

I'm trying to create a https connection to control my account. For now my controlicz cant connect to mt domoticz. When i try to connect domoticz i get some weird errors myself.

Therefore i hope i can fix the controlicz connection problems when i fix the domoticz https connection problems.

I've done the following to get a secure domoticz connection:
- fort forward TCP and UDP in my router for port 443
- added the secure port 443 to
- created website protection via domoticz with username and password.
- set remote shared port to 443 in deomoticz settings (also tried it with the different standard port but no luck)
- i have mMyDomoticz settings enabled

I have the following problems:
1) When i go to https://myip:443 on my laptop browser i get some popups about unsecured connection and the i'm immediately logged into my domoticz!!!!! is this a problem? or could this occur due to my browser remembering my password details? Is this the result of me having enabled local networks in settings of domoticz to 192.168.2.* ?

I'd like to know this since I'm a bit scared of unwanted visitors in my raspberry pi

2) when i go to https://myip:443 on my phone (wifi off so external ip) i get a browser cache refresh failed error and a request for login to domoticz.
What does this browser cache failed error mean? is it a problem?

edit: ive read of the forum that this is caused by the ssl certificate error. Does this mean this is not a problem?

3) when i login to domoticz on my laptop i get more browser cache failed errors and the domoticz page looks aweful (see image). Is this the way its supposed to look or is this normal ? and if this is not normal, how should i fix this ?

4) should the remore shared port in domoticz be set to 443 or some standard port? I have no clue....

Thanx in advance all!

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Re: HTTPS connection for controlicz

Post by mrf68 » Sunday 31 December 2017 20:13


1) from the wiki:

The Local Networks setting lets you define the source networks for which Domoticz will not request a login. Wildcards (*) and multiple networks separated by semicolons (;) may be entered.

2) the cache can hold a local copy of a website, so it shows up faster. It wants to refresh but it cannot, imho because you are not logged in. So it shows the login page.

3) from a link in the wiki:

Occasionally this caching scheme goes awry (e.g. the browser insists on showing out-of-date content) making it necessary to bypass the cache.

2 and 3 are related, info can be found here: ... your_cache

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Re: HTTPS connection for controlicz

Post by windhoos » Sunday 31 December 2017 20:17

Hi there thanx for the info i will get into that Wikipedia :)

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