Compatible light switches with 433

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Compatible light switches with 433

Post by iLLiac4 » Sunday 28 January 2018 6:10

For those who have only L inside the light wireing like myself, you can use these switches to turn light on and off.
It has three options to control learn it. On option is to use the same button for on/off (which is annoying since you can not know in what state it is atm) or program one button to turn on and the other one to turn it off. This way you can control it with domoticz since you can send eather command you want and there is no need to figure out the master reset code.

I have those and are working great. They come with the remote and you can use learn option in domoticz to create the switches.

1 gang ... d=12861032

2 gang ... d=12861033

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