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Sockets Signal transmit/learn and store?

Posted: Sunday 17 December 2017 21:06
by ProjektC

I am a new user and have used before.
Everhome works with 433Mhz sockets.
When I plug in a new cane socket (intertechno) it flashes for about 5 seconds.
When I send a signal in Everhome, the power outlet was tuned in.
If I do this at domoticz, nothing happens.
A signal is sent, but the socket is not tuned in.
But when I switch on a socket in Everhome, the domoticz sees and copies the signal.
I can use domoticz to switch the socket that Everhome switched before.
I've done this with all 15 sockets.
With Everhome once switched the power socket and domoticz has noticed this and saved every power socket.

Can domoticz only copy the signal and I have to switch it first?
Can't domoticz send its own signal like Everhome or am I doing something wrong?

Sorry for the English, I'm German and have translate it for you.


Project C

PS.: Super App for Android and iOS, purchased the Pro version from both.

Re: Sockets Signal transmit/learn and store?

Posted: Tuesday 19 December 2017 13:57
by ProjektC
No one has any idea how RFXCOM sends a new signal to the socket?

Re: Sockets Signal transmit/learn and store?

Posted: Tuesday 19 December 2017 17:40
by b_weijenberg
Enable the AC protocol if the Intertechno is a self learning type or the ARC protocol if it is the type with code wheels.
Click the "Allow for 5 Minutes" button in the Setup-Settings menu at "Accept new Hardware Devices"
Transmit an Intertechno command. The device should show up in the Setup-devices screen. Click the arrow at the device to add it to the Switches.

(You can also check if the Intertachno RF command is received in RFXmngr with the AC or ARC protocol enabled)